Curriculum Overviews

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Art and Design Skills Progression Computing Skills Progression Design and Technology Skills Progression Geography Skills Progression History Skills Progression KS1 Foundation Curriculum Coverage KS1 HGS Curriculum Coverage LKS2 Foundation Curriculum Coverage LKS2 HGS Curriculum Coverage MFL Skills Progression Music Skills Progression PE Overview Spring 1 2019 PSHE Skills Progression Reception Autumn 2 Topic Overview How can I be healthy? Reception Sp2 Can we listen to a story Reception Summer 1 Medium Term Plan Dinosaurs Reception Summer 2 Pirates Religious Education Overview Science Skills Progression UKS2 Foundation Curriculum Coverage UKS2 HGS Curriculum Coverage Year 1 Autumn 1 Topic Overview Once Upon A Time Year 1 Autumn 2 Topic Overview Fire Fire Year 1 Spring 1 All Aboard Year 1 Spring 2 Planet Protectors Year 1 Summer 1 All Creatures Great and Small Year 1 Summer 2 Bug Mania Year 2 Autumn 1 Topic Overview Into the Woods Year 2 Autumn 2 Topic Overview No Place Like Home Year 2 Spring 1 Dungeons and Dragons Year 2 Spring 2 Whats On your plate Year 2 Summer 1 Jellied Eels vs Nachos Year 2 Summer 2 Shiver Me Timbers Year 3 Autumn 1 Topic Overview Jurassic Park Year 3 Autumn 2 Topic Overview I Need A Hero Year 3 Spring 1 We Are Not Amused Year 3 Spring 2 Disaster Year 3 Summer 1 The Empire Strikes Year 3 Summer 2 Viva Espana Year 4 Autumn 1 Topic Overview All the World is a Stage Year 4 Autumn 2 Topic Overview Tomb Raiders Year 4 Spring 1 Eco Warriors Year 4 Spring 2 Healthy Humans Year 4 Summer 1 Harry Potter and the Classroom of Secrets Year 4 Summer 2 1066 and All That Year 5 Autumn 1 Topic Overview Off with their Head Year 5 Autumn 2 Topic Overview To Infinity and Beyond Year 5 Spring 1 I May be Gone Some Time Year 5 Spring 2 Old Father Thames Year 5 Summer 1 Reach for the Sky Year 5 Summer 2 Im a Pupil Get Me Out of Here Year 6 Autumn 1 Topic Overview A Winters Tale Year 6 Autumn 2 Topic Overview Stand and Deliver Year 6 Spring 1 Friend or Foe Year 6 Spring 2 Rule of Law Year 6 Summer 1 Natural Selection Year 6 Summer 2 Lights Cameras Action
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