Our Curriculum

Peareswood Primary School believes in “Independence through adventure, excellence through challenge.” Our curriculum is designed to promote children as independent learners and to provide children with the motivation and skills to succeed, whatever their circumstances. A major part of our curriculum is an outdoor and adventure theme. We hope to inspire all children through the use of the outdoors and strive for everyone to achieve qualifications in a wide range of adventure pursuits.

Our children, staff, parents and governing body have proposed and agreed a set of core values that underpin everything that we do as a school community. Through respect, pride, curiosity, teamwork and resilience we aim to deliver the school’s vision of every child achieving in line, or better than, their personal potential. Low expectations are not acceptable..

Our vision for the curriculum is that it will be EPIC.

E – Enticing

Our high-quality curriculum will be fun, challenging and inspiring, and will ensure that every child wants to be in school to learn every day.

P – Potential

Our curriculum will ensure that each child reaches their potential, both academically and personally, with every child receiving a non-academic accredited award during their learning journey with us.

I – Inclusive

Our curriculum with ensure that every child is provided with opportunities that they might not otherwise receive, and will give them a chance to shine, regardless of starting points.

C- Character

Through our curriculum each child’s character will be developed, ensuring that they become a respectful and responsible citizen. They will be provided with the opportunity to develop thinking skills, knowledge and curiosity to enable them to thrive in the future. 

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