Meet our Staff

Staff Overview 2020-21

Staff Member
 Headship Team
Mrs C Ferla
Head Teacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
 Miss K Yiannadji
Deputy Head Teacher
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs C Beresford
Deputy Head Teacher-Curriculum
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs J Percival
School Business Manager
Miss S Summerskill
Senior School Lead Practitioner
Wider Curriculum, Music, Trips & Visits
Leadership Team
Miss S Maldon
School Lead Practitioner
Mr A Deacon
KS2 Phase Lead
Computing, TTRS, Google Classroom
Mr J Benham
R-KS1 Phase Lead
Pupil Entitlement, Pupil and Saff Wellbeing,
SRE and Character Education, PE, Clubs
Miss M Van Der Westhuizen
Nursery Lead
Parental Engagement in EYFS, RE 

Class Structure 2020-21

Early Years Foundation Stage
Miss M Van Der Westhuizen  - Class Teacher and Mrs K Welch - Teaching Assistant


Miss S Reynolds - Class Teacher

Mrs S Collins - Teaching Assistant

Miss E Guard, Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Moukia - Teaching Assistant

Lime Class

Miss M Fox - Class Teacher

Mrs T Brown - Teaching Assistant

Miss E Guard, Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1
Year 1

Horse Chestnut Class

Mr J Benham - Class Teacher

Mrs N Magnus - Teaching Assistant


Bay Class

Mrs I Ovchynnyk  - Class Teacher

Mrs K Osbourn - Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Bamboo Class

Miss H Sharp - Class Teacher

Mr R President - Teaching Assistant

Box Class

Miss S Summerskill 

Miss T McCartney - Teaching Assistant

Miss J Higgins, Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Lower Key Stage 2
Year 3

Ash Class

Miss F Bled - Class Teacher

Miss K McMullin, Teaching Assistant

Cypress Class

Miss S Jackson - Class Teacher

Miss K McMullin, Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Palm Class

Miss K Twigger - Class Teacher



Acacia Class

Miss D Bennett - Class Teacher


Upper Key Stage 2
Year 5

Holly Class

Miss E King - Class Teacher

Mrs B Crowhurst - Teaching Assistant

Myrtle Class

Miss N O'Leary - Class Teacher

Mrs B Crowhurst - Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Willow Class

Miss S Maldon - Class Teacher

Miss S Amor

Eucalyptus Class

Mr A Deacon - Class Teacher

Miss S Amor - Teaching Assistant


Support Staff 2020-21

Pastoral Team SENDCo Assistant

Miss G Keane
Community Liaison Officer

Miss A Harrison, Wellbeing Coach
Miss N Heffernan, Wellbeing Coach
Mrs J Algar, Wellbeing Coach


Mrs A Potok-George

HLTAs School Office Team


Mrs K McCarthy (HLTA)
Miss M Oyewole (HLTA)

Miss K Lee (SALT)

Mr J Ayton  (Sports Coach)

Mr A Campbell (Teaching Assistant/Sport Coach)


Mrs N Abbott (Office Administrator)
Mrs C Stredder (Office Administrator)
Teaching Assistants Nursery Nurses


Miss S Amor
Mrs B Crowhurst
Mrs K Osbourn
Ms N Magnus
Miss T McCartney
Mrs S Collins
Mr R President
Mrs K Welch
Mrs T Brown

Mrs T Moukia

Apprentice Teaching Assistants

Miss E Guard
Miss J Higgins



Premises MDS


Mr S Gray - Premises Manager
Mr K Shulver - Caretaker


Mrs T Clark
Mrs L Rothwell

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