Our Trust Family Hub

Simply, we believe that the partnership between school and families is the most important one for our children to succeed. In order to succeed, we aim to create a stimulating learning environment for the children and families, creating a caring school where the children and families are safe, feel valued and can achieve their best. A school where children, parents and staff are excited by learning and experiencing rich and enjoyable learning journeys through their time at the school.

Our family hub is an approach to the delivery of early help services centralised around each school community providing information and support to children and families. Parental engagement is paramount, and we will actively put in support and training for parents to help transform not just the life chances of the children, but to transform the community through engagement, aspiration and inspiration.

The following roles are in place to ensure the smooth delivery of the development of our family hub approach:

Opportunities Director, Mrs Teresa Blackman
The role of the Opportunities Director is exactly that; to find, identify, pursue, signpost and encourage opportunities for growth and development for children, families and all adults within the Trust.  Mrs Blackman leads on inclusion and most specifically on nursery, nurture and attendance. 

Hub Development Coach, Mrs Tracey Day
The role of the Hub Development Coach is to provide an additional and complementary service to schools by supporting Wellbeing Coaches to help children achieve their potential by overcoming barriers to learning both inside and outside school. The Hub Development Coach is part of the trust inclusion teams working with multi agencies and community led organisations to improve and enhance the welfare of our children and their families

Hub Pastoral Coach, Mrs Sharon Clasper
The role of the Pastoral Coach is support, train and upskill staff to enable them to offer the best pastoral welfare for children including the provision of nurture groups. To lead on the hub provision within the schools, working with external providers to ensure wrap around facilities for children and families. The Hub Pastoral Coach is part of the Inclusion Team working with multi agencies and community led organisations to improve and enhance the welfare of our children and their families.

Assistant Educational Needs Advisor, Ms Danica Rendell
The role of the Assistant Educational Needs Advisor is to work within the Inclusion Team within the schools to provide on a case by case basis to assist in the diagnosis and planning and interventions for our children with additional needs.

All children are entitled to receive an effective full-time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude. It is the joint responsibility of the school and parents/carers to ensure that our children receive that education.

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