Staff Team

Our school team is skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated in providing the best educational opportunities and experiences for our children. They are committed in ensuring the provision for all children is of the highest quality and learning engages and motivates in all areas of the curriculum.

Our staffing structure ensures collaboration, with colleagues working in teams to plan together each week as well as across other schools in our Trust. This means that they can discuss, evaluate, and constantly improve together to ensure that the education experience and provision in the classroom best meets and is tailored to the needs of all children.

All team members are provided with continuous professional development, centred around the needs of the children in our school. This further enables our children to progress academically and grow as individual members which makes up our extraordinary school family.

Headship Team

Mrs C Ferla
Mrs C Beresford
Deputy Headteacher Curriculum and Maths
Mrs H Mourne
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs J Percival
School Business Manager
Mrs S Thompson
Assistant Headteacher and Key Stage 1 Lead

Leadership Team

Miss K Gray
Early Years Foundation Stage Lead
Mrs E Gladman
Upper key Stage 2 Lead
Mrs D Caldwell
Lower Key Stage 2 Lead

School Office

Mrs N Abbott
Office Administrator
Miss T Parish
Office Administrator


Mr S Prosser
Premises Manager
Mr J Tuck

Wellbeing and Inclusion

Miss M Vega Gonzalez
Mrs A Potok-George
SENDCo Assistant
Miss A Harrison
Wellbeing Coach
Miss N Heffernan
Wellbeing Coach
Mrs J Algar
Wellbeing Coach
Mr N Iddiols
Community Liaison Officer

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Miss K Lee
HLTA SALT and Phonics
Miss M Oyewole
Mrs N Magnus
Mrs L Barwell

Sport Coaches

Mr W Hills
Sports Coaches
Mr A Campbell
Sport Coaches

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Collins
Poplar Class
Mrs H Pike
Lime Class
Miss T Kenward
Horse Chestnut Class
Miss A Parratt
Bay Class
Miss A Griffiths
Bamboo Class
Mrs K Welch
Year 2
Mrs Z Gibbons
Ash Class
Mrs M Edwards
Cypress Class
Miss S Rimmer
Palm Class
Mrs D Boorman
Ash/Cypress Class
Miss S Boast
Acacia Class
Miss S Amor
Eucalyptus Class
Miss J Plumb
SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss G Powell
Teaching Assistant
Mr J Ogunkola
Teaching Assistant

Midday Meals Supervisors

Ms L Fitzgerald

Class Teachers


Mrs K McCarthy
Nursery Lead
Mrs T Brown
Teaching Assistant
Miss L Hipkin
Teaching Assistant

Reception Class Teachers

Miss K Gray
Lime Class
Miss A King
Poplar Class

Year 1 Class Teachers

Mr J Benham
Horse Chestnut Class
Mrs S Thompson
Bay Class

Year 2 Class Teachers

Miss L Savage
Box Class
Miss H Sharp
Bamboo Class

Year 5 Class Teachers

Mrs R Down
Myrtle Class
Mrs V Vero
Holly Class

Year 3 Class Teachers

Miss S Jackson
Cypress Class
Miss S Iscioglu
Ash Class

Year 4 Class Teachers

Mr A Deacon
Palm Class, Computing Lead
Mrs D Caldwell
Acacia Class

Year 6 Class Teachers

Mrs E Gladman
Eucalyptus Class
Miss K Twigger
Eucalyptus Class
Miss E Fish
Willow Class
Miss N O’Leary
Willow Class