Why Choose Peareswood Primary

At Peareswood Primary School:

  • We are a loving school, and provide children with a vibrant place to learn and thrive.
  • We promote independence and challenge through a bespoke curriculum, localised firstly within the community we serve and draws on the rich cultural heritage that is on our doorstep.
  • We are committed to developing children’s skills in the use of digital technology, and incorporate this widely throughout our curriculum.
  • Our curriculum provides children with enriched knowledge of their local area whilst developing their confidence, self-esteem and resilience through lessons and experiences outside of the classroom.
  • Our staff members are passionate, creative and help to set the high expectations we have for our children, our aim is to equip them with a lifelong love of learning and to help them excel so they are well prepared for their step to secondary school.
  • We value learning for all and provide additional opportunities throughout the day for children to access.
  • Our inclusion team provide additional support for all children, with wellbeing and good mental health as a priority.
  • Early Morning Workshops provide our children with additional learning opportunities whilst developing the self-esteem of individuals.
  • We provide a variety of Parent and Carer workshops, planned to enhance the learning and social and emotional needs of our children.
  •  Our termly ‘Pride Time’ sessions are a shared event with the school community, where we celebrate the achievements of our children.


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‘The school is like one big family where people from different backgrounds all get on.’

Year 5 pupil


‘Everyone is so friendly and helpful; I know that if I have a problem or concern the school will support me.’



‘I love the wellbeing team; you can talk to them about anything and they are always there to support you.’

Year 4 pupil new to the school.


‘Throughout my notes from my day at Peareswood I have written how kind the children here are. This was demonstrated to me as a visitor, in their behaviour and actions towards each other and to the adults in the school.’

Outside Professional


‘My teacher helps me if I’m unsure of anything; you can always ask for help if you need it.’

Year 6 Pupil


‘Pupils are respectful and courteous. They listen attentively to each other’s views.’