Feedback from Vertical Monitoring Sessions

'When I got back to class, the children were asking me when we could do this again as they loved going to different classes and engaging in a subject specific task with children from across the school.' 

Miss Jackson, Year 3 Teacher.

'I had the BEST time in Year 5! There was an older boy who was so good at drawing, his eye actually looked like a photo. I hope I can draw like that when I'm in Year 5.'

Bonnie, Year 1.

'It has been really nice helping the younger children with their map reading skills. It has helped me talk about my learning and reminded me what I did when I was in Key Stage 1 and how that has helped me now.'

Kasie, Year 5.

'I loved doing the rock climbing and telling all my friends about it. I told them the rules so they know when it's their turn.'

Inger, Year 3.

'I got to talk to the older children and they told me what they are learning about in their class, so now I will know when it is my time in that class. What I am learning now will help me when I get older in the school.'

Nathan, Year 2.

'It was really fun working with the younger and older children to try and figure out a problem together. We made a spaghetti tower and had to make a plan together. We could help each other with what we knew.'

Alizabell, Year 3.