Comments about our school

On behalf of myself and the Ootiboo team, please can I share our thanks for being so welcoming yesterday as we started our series of workshops on "The Healthiest Unicorn"! Your pupils were an absolute credit to you and your team - incredible manners and engagement and a joy to teach :)

Louise Chalkley, Children's University Officer and Strategic Education Partnership Manager - 6th June 2024

Just reflecting how amazing all staff and children were once again across the whole school during today's visit. The wonderful comments from the two visitors really does go to show the power of the work that is being done at PWP. I know there have been so many times people have asked to visit recently in particular so I just wanted to say a huge thank you and well done to the whole team- the feedback we received each time about how inspired everyone is when they see what is being done is true testament to dedication of each and every member of staff. Thank you all so, so much :)

Daniel Davies, Trust Digital Lead - 6th June 2024

 Thank you for all your continued hard work on the digital strategy, and for hosting our Danish guests this morning. I wanted to share some key elements from the visitors that were shared with me. They were impressed with the high levels of engagement seen across all the classes- one of the visitors said he has been to many schools in England and Denmark, and that PWP was the first school he had seen where every single child was engaged. He said this was a testament to your relationship with the children, the expectations and scaffolding, and approaches in place. Another visitor said that what they particularly enjoyed is that it was obvious it was not rehearsed-when they have visited other schools it has been very teacher led and 'practiced', but he said it was obvious that what they saw during their visit was normal practice, especially as the children were so engaged. Another one said that the children spoke very articulately about their learning and the use of iPads. The visit was a complete success, which is a testament to what you do everyday. So, thank you for believing in and delivering the digital vision.

Julie Carson- DOE-27th March 2024

I would like to thank Mr Deacon and Mrs Ferla for my work experience placement. This has greatly helped me in my endeavours and greatly boosted my ambition for teaching. This experience has shown me how a well-run school should be controlled and how to teach a class effectively so everyone no matter their skill level will understand and learn, I loved every minute working at Peareswood. This is a great establishment to work at.

Year 10 pupil at Woolwich Polytechnic School for Boys- 15th March 2024

Just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the rock kidz workshop last week. Everyone was buzzing talking about it- the kids and the parents. It was great to be able to share the videos on Facebook and recommend it to all my friends that work in schools. I love it that my kids go to a school that embraces things like this, so thank you from all of us!

Parent of children in Year 6 and Year 1- 12th March 2024

Firstly i want to send my thanks to Year 4 for letting me be part of the school trip on Tuesday. The children were exceptionally well behaved and were excellent ambassadors for Peareswood Primary School. Secondly, i'd like to pass on my thanks to Mr Deacon for running a tight ship, he is a real asset to the school and I had a great admiration for how well he dealt with the children.

Mr Simmons- School Parent- 25th January 2024

Thank you as well Carla! How lovely to be part of a school where members of staff feel so valued and supported. This being the 3rd school I've worked in, I can hand on my heart say PWP is truly the best!

Toni Kenward- School Teaching Assistant- 17th January 2024

Today PWP hosted a visit from Al Kingsley, who is widely known in the edtech world. He is very experienced in the wider education field too, having spent a significant amount of time as a Governor and Trustee, and visiting schools across the world. He thoroughly enjoyed his visit to PWP this morning, not just for the UDL approach, but for the wider education impact too – so much so, he is going to put one of the schools from where he is a Trustee in touch with you in order to share your approach to teaching phonics. He commented on the wonderful atmosphere in the school, and the high engagement of the learners, including their willingness to articulate their learning and why they were using that chosen approach. He was impressed with the confidence shown by the children in their use of technology (as was I!!), and the confidence shown by all staff – he particularly liked seeing the iPads used to support interventions where necessary. I know he enjoyed speaking to the junior leadership team, and I am looking forward to hearing the podcast when it is put together, which will of course be shared with you! So, well done to everyone for believing in the vision shared a few years ago, taking risks with your approach to pedagogy, and for driving it forward with real impact.

Julie Carson- Director of Education- 14th November 2023

I just wanted to say a huge well done for the amount of work that everyone has put into the universal design for learning journey at Peareswood. The walk round this morning really demonstrated how far all staff have come in the use of technology to support pedagogy, in all aspects of school life and all areas of the curriculum. We saw so much strength across the school, and the children were excellent in being able to talk about their learning using the iPads. Thank you for driving this approach across the school – there is a lot to be celebrated and a lot of good practice to share, and I am looking forward to seeing your continued innovation.

Julie Carson- Director of Education- 2nd November 2023

I was really pleased with the engagement levels of the children and their keenness to do the work.

Neil Zetter- Poet- 27th September 2023

All the children were very engaging and responded positively to my book reading and questions. They particularly enjoyed the interactive moments when we used our imaginations to recreate elements of the story together. I noticed how keen they were to understand the story and how ready they were to offer suggestions about what they enjoyed about reading together. It was great fun!

Louise Fitzgerlad- Children's Author- 20th September 2023

Just wanted to say there' s some lovely comments on the children's 'all about me' section of the ILPs, one of them has said their aspiration is to be a Kindness Superhero, and another has said their aspiration is be a House Champion :)  Just goes to show these things mean a lot to the children!

Josh Benham- Year 1 Class Teacher- Digital Lead- Apple Portfolio Teacher- 12th November 2023

'Great to meet you and thank you so much for showing me around your wonderful school, it was genuinely inspiring to see all the ways that you are using the technology to enhance teaching and learning, it’s been the highlight of my week, and everyone involved should be double proud'

Charlie Place- Education Consultant with Sync- 2nd November 2023

Can I echo Vickie’s thanks - it was a wonderful morning. What a happy, calm, and safe place your school is! It was a delight to talk with so many of your staff and pupils and to learn a little more about your journey with technology and UDL.
Thanks to everyone who was so generous with their time today, and so welcoming.

Kate Cheal- Leadership Executive - Education Team- Apple - 30th November 2023

'Thank you so much for inviting myself and Kate to visit your school and see the wonderful ways in which your students are learning supported by technology. It was evident that you and the team have been focused on raising the opportunities that technology can play. Moreover, the tangible warm and accepting environment was a joy to witness.'

Vickie Bacon- Lead APLS (UKI)

'I visited every class today. As usual, the children were so well behaved in every single class, especially as it was first thing on a Monday! I am always so impressed every time I visit. Even those I saw and spoke to in corridors etc were so polite and friendly. But I also want to mention the staff, including your good self, who are always so welcoming even when they are in the middle of the lesson.'

Mark Pigott- PCSO - 9th January 2023

'The school is like one big family where people from different backgrounds all get on.’

Year 5 pupil